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What are the new features or what has been changed on Baanboard since 01-Jun-2008?
By patvdv at 18 May 2008 - 15:10


If you are regular baanboard user you will have noticed that since 1st of June 2008 alot of changes and new features have been introduced to the site. This page will try to briefly describes these changes and features. It will link to subsequent pages for more detailed information where necessary.


CMS & frontpage

Baanboard now features a full-fledged CMS system that integrates seamlessly with our existing forum. This CMS is powered by vbDrupal which is adapted version of the very popular Drupal CMS that provides bridging to our forum software vBulletin. Some of the most important features that the CMS integration brings to us are:

  • single sign-on (using the exising forum accounts). All existing wiki accounts are no longer necessary and have consequently been removed.
  • a customizable left-hand navigation panel that provides easy and quick access to different sections of the site via menus. It also provides a number of dynamically updated data 'blocks'.
  • a dynamically generated frontpage that pulls information from different parts of the site such as latest forum posts, latest jobs, latest RSS news etc.
  • consistent look & feel with the existing forum.
  • the forum is used as backend when adding comments to CMS content where allowed and/or applicable. For this purpose a new group of forums has been created: CMS - Forum Integration

Other CMS features will be described in further topics below.



Following changs have been made to our forum:

  • All forum content is now displayed and stored in UTF-8 format. This will make support for languages other than english considerable easier in the future.
  • Individual forums that part of the CMS - Forum Integration forum group are not open for new threads. These will only function as discussion space for newly added CMS content
  • The Polls & Survey forum has been obsoleted in favour of the native polls facility that the CMS provides. The old forum polls have been moved to the Polls and Surveys forum in the CMS - Forum Integration forum group.
  • The Recruiters and Job seekers forums have been obsoleted in favour of the native job/resume application that the CMS provides. All old job posts have been moved to the Jobs and Resumes forum in the CMS - Forum Integration forum group.
  • The Newsfeed forum has been obsoleted. RSS newsfeeds are now provided by the native CMS RSS aggregator. See the menu: Main > News > RSS Newsfeeds



Baanboard members can now maintain their own blog on Baanboard. Although we encourage people to use this feature we do ask that blog contributions are about to Baan & related products/services or at least ICT topics. To update or add to your own blog, go to the menu My Baanboard > My Blog.


Search & Categorization

Baanboard now provides a number of search related features. The most convenient one is the Site Search which provides an easy way to search through either the CMS, forum or the entire site via Google. Note that the native CMS & forum search engines unfortunately do not integrate with each other and require separate search queries if you wish to look through both.


CMS content can be tagged with pre-defined value or free-form terms (only allowed for specific categories). You can use these tags (aka Categories) to quickly identify similar CMS content. See the menu My Baanboard > Category Browser.


Jobs & Resumes

Job openings and resumes can no longer be posted in the forum. Instead a special job/resume module is used within the CMS that provides a more consistent and efficient way of entering and tracking such data. Please read the following FAQ topics to get more information on this new feature: How do I post a job opening or vacancy?, How do I post my resume/Curriculum Vitae?, How do I apply for a job?, How can I search for resumes/CV or potential job seekers?


Note that only the last 5 most recent job posts have been converted from forum posts into proper CMS job postings. All other previous job postings & resumes will remain available at the forum for at least the next 6 months.


Stories & News

Baanboard now supports a number of RSS newsfeeds that provide syndicated content from popular ICT/ERP news sites. You can access the available news feeds via the menu: Main > News > RSS Newsfeeds


Registered memberscan contribute news stories in their whole to the site. Such stories can be press releases, product & event announcements etc. If you wish to contribute a story then please go to the menu My Baanboard > Contribute/Post > Story. Note that a teaser of the most recent news story will always be displayed on the baanboard frontpage.


Web Links

Baanboard members can now add baan/ERP related web links to an URL directory. You can add a new link via the menu My Baanboard > Contribute/Post > Web Link


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by patvdv on June 1, 2008 - 2:51pm
patvdv's picture
Hi all,

Looks like the upgrade/update was a success. The new site is now available. If you would like to read about the new features and/or what has changed then please have a look at the following FAQ: What are the new features or what has been changed on Baanboard since 01-Jun-2008?.

Any questions, tips or issues, please post them here

by george7a on June 2, 2008 - 6:32am
george7a's picture
Great job Pat!

by sukesh75 on June 2, 2008 - 6:55am
sukesh75's picture
Looks great!! Nice work!!


by patvdv on June 2, 2008 - 7:58am
patvdv's picture
Hi all,

For those who were running into the following error when submitting a forum search from the frontpage:

Your submission could not be processed because a security token was missing or mismatched
This is now fixed. Looks like the added CSRF protection in the latest vbulletin was causing this problem.

by Martin Jung on June 2, 2008 - 8:25am
Martin Jung's picture
Hi Pat,

it will take some time to explore all the features the new solution offers. I'm a little confused about "Blogs and Web links Forum". Is it "forum" or "blog" what is exactly is the intention behind it?

Great job anyway



by patvdv on June 2, 2008 - 8:44am
patvdv's picture
Hi Martin,

The forums under the 'CMS - Forum Integration' category are meant as a 'container' for comments to content that originates from the CMS. The concept is that the CMS is used for hosting things like blogs, weblinks, jobs, stories etc but that discussions on them (aka comments) are done in the forum. You will notice that most CMS content has a Add new comment link with it. This allows you to post comments to the item in one of these forums. That is also why these forums do not allow new threads to be created in them but only replies.

Does that make it a bit clearer?

For example: this thread is gathering all comments to one of our FAQ over at the CMS:

When viewing this FAQ you will see that all these forum posts are actually visible there as comments (at the bottom).

by Martin Jung on June 3, 2008 - 4:13pm
Martin Jung's picture
Sorry Pat, I'm still confused.

I can add a comment in the 'CMS' section or either post a reply in the 'Forum' - it seems to make no difference . Why does the same 'thread' appear in two different places?

Another strange thin I noticed:
when I try to hit the 'Update your personal blog?' link on the frontpage a password is required - why that? What does that link stand for? My interpretation was to edit my blog..



by patvdv on June 3, 2008 - 4:34pm
patvdv's picture
Hi Martin,

The concept is that CMS comments are stored as forum posts so yes they show up in both places because they are one and the same thing. This is what links CMS & forum both together. In a standard Drupal site, CMS comments are stored inside the CMS but because comments are de facto "discussions", vbDrupal (which is the combined CMS+Forum solution) offers the possibility to use our forum as 'commenting engine'. SO in fact we are using the 'best features of both worlds'. Does that make sense?

Regarding the blog link: that is strange. Can you post me a screenshot of where you see this link?

by patvdv on June 3, 2008 - 5:23pm
patvdv's picture
Hi all,

To ease the burden of new navigation a bit, I added a forum specific menu in the navigation panel. It resembles more the structure of the 'top' menu we used to have on the old site.

by Martin Jung on June 3, 2008 - 8:09pm
Martin Jung's picture
Originally Posted by patvdv View Post
Can you post me a screenshot of where you see this link?
Here we go..

It's the 'Update your personal blog?' link. The password dialog is in German - sorry .


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